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How to debug automation equipment
Views:1301 Date:2020-04-30
The commissioning of automation equipment is generally divided into several stages. The commissioning work generally begins after the installation of the field equipment is completed (that is, the equipment basically has power-on conditions).

Equipment / system inspection: Check the equipment or system that has been installed, mainly used to check whether the equipment is installed correctly and firmly, and whether the wiring is firm and so on. At the same time, check whether there is an error in the device wiring, especially if there is a short circuit or a missing phenomenon. All inspections are carried out in accordance with the electrical schematic to prevent missing items. At the same time, pay special attention to check whether the system grounding is correct;

Single point test: also called RBI. That is, after shielding the PLC internal program, power on the device, and then test the input / output of the system through forced set / reset operations to ensure that all I / O points are functioning properly (including all digital and Analog points);

Functional test: Unblock the PLC program step by step, test the functions of the system item by item, and verify whether the logic of each automation program function block is correct by simulating the operating environment and conditions on site. For example, test the conditions of starting, stopping and emergency stop of the starting motor;

Simultaneous joint debugging: joint loading of the system without loading real load on the automation system (for example, instead of injecting acid liquid into the pickling tank of the steel pickling line, water is used instead). Focus on the automatic linkage, manual function operation, alarm and emergency stop functions of the test system;

Light-load joint debugging: the production line controlled by the automated system carries out low-load debugging to verify the working ability of the system under real conditions;

Full load debugging and acceptance: Make the system work under the designed full load to test the system's production capacity. At the same time, the system began to be checked and accepted, and the owner's staff was trained.

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