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Non standard automation equipment teaches you how to choose industrial equipment
Views:1955 Date:2020-04-30
1. The selected equipment should meet your needs. Different companies have different requirements for equipment. In many cases, the main point of non-standard equipment is to use the equipment to adapt to the existing working environment and the existing working mode. Rather than designing equipment, it takes effort to change the working environment and mode. That is, the quality of the equipment we are more concerned about requires that the quality of the components used in the equipment is very high, so the quality requirements for the pneumatic components, guiding components, circuit components, control systems, mechanical components, etc. used in the equipment are very high , It is required that the equipment can complete the required process, and the reliability, safety and stability of the equipment production.

2. Pay attention to the scalability and variability of the equipment. After all, according to the current development speed, the development of the non-standard equipment industry will also be faster and faster. In addition to the production needs, the equipment needs to be able to meet its own needs. To add and delete some functions, and can have new needs in the future, can continue to use, rather than redesign and purchase.

3. In terms of equipment maintenance and after-sales service, generally good equipment is repeatedly tested and debugged before the formal purchase, and the performance of the indicators of the equipment is in good condition, and related training services are provided to ensure that the company purchases Being able to get started in a timely manner, in addition to the after-sales service that is rarely understood, ensures that subsequent problems can be resolved in a timely manner.

4. There is also a price, which is not cheap or expensive, but it is best to use the equipment that is most suitable for the customer's own production line. It is equipment that can solve production problems for customers and the supplier of the equipment can do it for customers. The best after-sales service can solve the problems encountered by customers on the production line in a timely manner. Only the equipment with these conditions is the best and the most cost-effective equipment.

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