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What is the most important part of nonstandard automation design?
Views:2136 Date:2020-04-30
Theory is the direction that guides practice. In practice, the theoretical effect is often not achieved because the details in practice are not consistent with the theory, so it is very important to do every detail well; do not deny that some theoretical basis is not sound, resulting in Unexpected mistakes, so it is important to improve the theoretical knowledge reserve.

     What is the most important non-standard automation design?
Q: What are the difficulties of non-standard automation design?
Answer: Plan. Only under the premise of understanding the product characteristics and product processing technology can we propose a feasible and reliable implementation plan. Only under the guidance of the blueprint depicted by the designer can the project be implemented in an orderly manner and achieve the final effect.
Q: What is the most important for non-standard automation design?
Answer: There is nothing unimportant. From a large overall design scheme to a small screw that cannot be tightened, every factor that affects the final acceptance is very important.
Q: Which is better, dead positioning or adjustable mechanism?
Answer: The positioning that can be done is determined. The positioning needs to be matched; the error is concentrated, the adjustable mechanism is minimized, and the multiple adjustments of the equipment are adjusted to avoid the mutual adjustment to achieve the final debugging effect. .
Q: What problems should be paid attention to in mechanical design?
1. Positioning.
1. The positioning of the processing objects is related to the determination of the big blueprint, and it solves the customer's needs;
2. The docking positioning between single machine and single machine determines the reliability of connection production;
3. The positioning of components in a stand-alone device determines the matching between functional modules;
4. The positioning of parts in the assembly determines the qualitativeness of the action of the mechanism;
5. Clarify the concept of positioning and locking, avoid positioning less and avoid over-positioning;
6. Positioning solves functional problems, and meeting functional requirements is a prerequisite for design.

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